...Ultimate Aroma  Essence...

50 mins. £57, 70 mins. £69 or 90 mins. £85 

Price are subjected to change without notice.

Experience the finest anti-stress massage.  Soothing strokes to restore peace, improved blood circulation and harmony of your body, mind and spirit.  Siam Harmony created Four difference types of Soothing Essence for you to enjoy the most  harmonious  Holistic Therapy.
Ultimate Aroma Essence
A combination of soothing massage technique, using rhythmic movements and varied pressures to work in harmony with the Aromatherapy Oil. Our therapist will carefully selecting Essential oils to suit your needs by using a range of oil blends and each oil has a different purpose or effect when absorbed into the skin throughout the treatment, in order to help improve both the physical and emotional well-being, by treating the whole person.
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